Top 10 Best Indian Cities to Live In

When we talk about most liveable city or about the best city to live in, a number of aspects need to be considered in terms of urban design and new approaches involved in forming a city. Mostly, when such lists are prepared, it is based on the living conditions , public transport , infrastructure , cleanliness , environment, work opportunity and lots more. India is a developing country and a fast growing economy of the World; however, as compared to other countries, India is still lagging behind in terms of living condition, cleanliness, work opportunity and infrastructure. Despite being a little slow as compared to other nations, there has been remarkable development in terms of infrastructure, education, healthcare and a living condition in some of the cities. Here, we have come up with a list of Top 10 cities to live in India, considering the discussed criteria.

Surat, Gujarat

Known as the World’s Diamond Capital, Surat is one of the fast developing cities of India, situated in the state of Gujarat. It is one of the cleanest cities of India, employing thousands of workers in the diamond industry. It has been ranked as India's best city to live in and has topped the list. Recently, the city has been awarded the "Best Urban City of India" award.

Pune, Maharashtra

Pune has been awarded the position of second best city of India to live in. It is well-known for housing some of the premier educational institutions and is the 9th largest metropolis of the nation. The city is also the home to some of the largest automobile manufacturing as well as IT companies and being the cultural capital of Maharashtra, it is one of the most sought after tourist destination of the state. Owing to ample job opportunities, people from various parts of the country have migrated to this place. The city offers good living standard, for which it considered as best Indian city to live in.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The commercial capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is ranked as the 3rd best Indian city to live in. Conferred with the sobriquet of “Manchester of the East”, owing to the presence of several mills, Ahmedabad is the 5 largest city of India. It is the home to textile industry of India and has provided employment to a number of people. It is one of the best cities to live both in terms of quality of life as well as city system.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Securing the 4th position, Mumbai, “the City of Dreams” is considered as one of the most liveable cities in India. It is the capital of Maharashtra and is the commercial as well as entertainment capital of India, which attracts a huge crowd of people from various parts of the country. It is counted amongst the developed cities fulfilling the criteria of having good infrastructure, health care, education, work opportunity as well as standard of living. It is one of the most inexpensive cities of India to live in and offers ample opportunities to carry out business.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Often referred to as the ‘Cultural Capital of South India’, Chennai has acquired the 5th position in the list of best Indian city to live in. It is a major cultural, commercial, educational and economic center in South India and houses a number of industries in different sector, providing employment to a huge crowd of people.

Kolkata, West Bengal
Kolkata has managed to grab the 6th position in the list of best Indian cities to live in. It is the capital of West Bengal and a major commercial, educational as well as cultural hub of the entire eastern region of the country. Although, combating a number of issues such as population, traffic, pollution, etc., it is one of the most inexpensive cities of India to live.

Jaipur, Rajasthan
The Pink City, Jaipur ranks 7th on the list, is the capital of the royal state of Rajasthan. Speckled with several forts and palaces that speak volumes about the life of erstwhile rulers, Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. It is also the first planned city of the country and is well-known for its handicraft, stone jewelry and tie & dye items.

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

The fastest developing city of India and the hub of Information Technology, Hyderabad has been ranked as one of the best Indian cities to live in. Displaying the royal culture of the Nawabs and Nizams, who resided in the city, Hyderabad is a major tourist destination of Southern India. It is also emerging as a hub of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. It has secured 8th position in the list of best Indian cities to live in.

Bangalore, Karnataka 

One of the most progressive and modern cities of India, well-known for taking the lead in Information Technology boom in India, Bangalore is listed as one of the best Indian Cities to live in. Owing to the presence of huge IT companies, the city has been given the sobriquets of “The IT Capital of India” and “Silicon Valley of India”. The city is preferred by many entrepreneurs as well as students owing to the various career opportunities provided by the city.

New Delhi

Even though New Delhi is the national capital, it has been given the 10th position in the list is because of the increase in cost of living. However, in terms of quality of living, the city is better than many of them in the list. It is counted among the best cities in terms of education, health and economy but lacks in terms of cleanliness.