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Enterprising Spirit Display the Power of Youth

The word ‘youth’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ together in one sentence tells a lot about the ongoing trend. If we look at the Indian economy, the display of entrepreneurial ability displayed by the youth could aid the growth engine through various models. The advantages to our economy and our country are many. The enterprises showcase a sense of free economy and is unbounded by restrictions. Apart from the advantage to the economy, these enterprises will aim to reduce the burden of unemployment for our youth. The youth upon finding own means of living, stops depending on the government for opportunities. 1.) Benefits to the country The benefits to a country due to the display of enterprising power of the youth are manifold. The businesses generate a huge amount of taxes for the government. The more number of enterprises means, more taxes for the revenue department. These taxes if used in a proactive manner will contribute to the economy in a great deal and can be put to improve t