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Top 5 best Cities in India for Nightlife

With westernization and modernization, the nightlife in India have become quite happening. The whole of India knows how to party and every part is filled with fun. Off late, the country has become popular for housing some of the best night clubs, pubs, discotheques and bars, which remains crowded by people who loves to party. These dens remain open all throughout the night, thus magnetizing a horde of party animals from near and far. There are many cities in India, which are popular for partying all night and these cities are listed below. Mumbai The City of Dreams, Mumbai is one of the most prominent cities of India that is popular for its amazing nightlife. Often referred to as the city that never sleeps, Mumbai houses numerous night clubs, pubs, discotheques and bars and these party dens organize wild parties that attracts the young crowd as well as the party lovers of the city. Mumbai is one city of India that indeed knows how to party and enjoy. Delhi A multifaceted city, the cap

Youth and Radicalization - A threat to India

The Indian government may not yet realize but the virus of radicalization has infected our youth in a big way. While it is true that ISIS hasn’t yet succeeded in building armies filled with the youth of India, it is also no secret that during the Charlie Hebdo attack, Facebook was filled with posts by some people supporting the attack. Their views were no different than those of the jihadists and these included young men from well educated, modern Indian families who are employed as doctors, engineers, corporate executives and the like. Religious fanaticism takes hold as politics is mixed with religion in a deadly cocktail that paralyses world’s largest democracy. If you thought the threat was restricted to just one community, you are wrong. The way some Right wing forces are influencing the youth is extremely hazardous. History is a prime indicator of what happens when a single religion tries to take over the world by violence, it necessitates that the other too rises to

Importance of youth empowerment in India

India is considered as a young nation with 356 million people between the age group of 10 to 24 years as per a report by the UN. The country has the largest population of youth in the World, with more than 70% of the total population under the age group of 40 years and approximately 40% between 13 to 35 years. India is set to become the youngest country by 2020, and the youth are its future, which makes Indian youth empowerment essential. But, the question is that will youth empowerment do any benefit to the nation? What is the importance of youth empowerment ? However, before understanding its importance, it is essential to know what youth empowerment means. What is youth empowerment? Youth empowerment is defined as cultural, attitudinal, and structural process whereby the young individuals gain the capability, power , and group to make decisions and execute the change in their lives along with the society. It is often referred to as the opportunity to inter-generational

Top 10 Best Indian Cities to Live In

When we talk about most liveable city or about the best city to live in, a number of aspects need to be considered in terms of urban design and new approaches involved in forming a city. Mostly, when such lists are prepared, it is based on the living conditions , public transport , infrastructure , cleanliness , environment, work opportunity and lots more. India is a developing country and a fast growing economy of the World; however, as compared to other countries, India is still lagging behind in terms of living condition, cleanliness, work opportunity and infrastructure. Despite being a little slow as compared to other nations, there has been remarkable development in terms of infrastructure, education, healthcare and a living condition in some of the cities. Here, we have come up with a list of Top 10 cities to live in India, considering the discussed criteria. Surat, Gujarat Known as the World’s Diamond Capital, Surat is one of the fast developing cities of India, situated