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Should government provide Unemployment allowance to unemployed young people?

I don’t think that allowances should be provided to unemployed people in a developing country like India. But answering the question with a simple yes or no is not easy. I would like to discuss pros and cons of both the aspects of the situation before coming to any conclusion. Undoubtedly, Employment is a guaranteed under a right in India. If government is unable to fulfill its legal obligations under this act then it has to provide unemployment allowance. It can also be seen as an instrument of ensuring socio economic justice but this doesn’t mean everyone is entitled to it .This could be confined to the marginalized sections and minority groups like transgender etc who face severe discrimination .Also, it should depend on the economic status of unemployed person’s family. Other alternatives could be to impart skills with stipend so that both the economy and citizens benefit. On the other hand, in a country like India with 1.32 billion population(most of which is unemployed i