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Responsibility of the youth towards Agriculture

India is an agrarian economy. An agrarian economy in layman’s terms is an economy in which the majority of the population depend on agriculture for their livelihood. It is not a hidden fact that the families of a majority of youth in India belong to an agricultural background. The youth of today, implicitly have been vested with a responsibility which is to carry forward the legacy of agriculture. 1) Importance The responsibility of Indian youth in partaking the agricultural activities hold a lot of importance not only because we have our roots in it but also because it has the potential of keeping the economy stable even during the turbulent times. Though cyclone and droughts are a risk which cannot be predicted, we need to fall back upon agriculture as a safety net in the times of industrialization. 2) Advantages and role of government The agricultural industry in India has witnessed a lot of change in India due to modernization. Methods in

Young Indians should buy only Made In India

India is a land of diversity. Not just in culture and religion but also in terms of talent. India is filled with a blend of talents and abilities from different parts of the country. From small scale industries to home manufacturing to handicrafts, India has great ability to produce things in much better manner than most other machine manufacturing sites around the world. 1. Encourage the in-house talents : Most of the clothing we buy that is branded source raw materials and in many cases partly finished products from India. While these are much cheaper when compared to the prices of branded products, they still do not have a good market within the country. This is the reason why Indian manufacturing industry suffers a lot. Encourage small handmade items and craft pieces manufactured within the country to decorate your household. Also try to buy items which are manufactured by local industries which includes food and beverages. This will encourage overall develop

Youth of India is confident

It is truly said that the biggest asset of any country is the youth. In fact, the young people of the country make the most craved human resource of any nation. India is the one of the fastest growing economy in the world and features as a trillion dollar economy in terms of GDP. Around 65% of the population of India contains youth. Hence, the power of the youth of this nation is intensely high. Indian Youth is confident enough to take any decision. In fact, the core of the matter is that the youth of this country has endorsed a change that is so significant that they actually need time to analyze the prevalent situation. It is the youth that unites the big country as one and rise to the occasion to cure the nation of all its evil that has crept up. Escalation in the educational standard: Year by year, thousands of students from India enter the world’s most renowned educational institutions and come out as a person fit in every way to excel in their field of expertise. Apart from the

How Tobacco is Killing Our Youth

'Tobacco' today is almost like death in disguise. This substance is being consumed by millions of people around the world. It is not surprising that the tobacco is not only being consumed by adults, but also the future generation, i.e. our youth. Studies reveal that a tobacco addict dies 13 years earlier than a non-tobacco user. If such is a case, then our youth is headed towards danger. TOBACCO KILLS There are nearly 600,000 deaths taking place all around the world because of tobacco. The drug 'nicotine' is highly addictive and causes great harm to the internal parts of the human body system. Well, the use of tobacco is not only by adults, but also by a majority of the youth. According to surveys, when a young person consumes tobacco, it is more likely that the substance will cause more harm to youth's body system rather than adults. This eventually has an adverse effect on the health and progress of the individual as well as the nation's future. The youth is

Save The Girl Child

Women empowerment has hit the headlines a million times now. What happens around does not seem to be at par with what the country has been expecting out of these news articles. The birth of a girl child is still considered as a misfortune and people seek to cold-blooded murder of these infants. What the world has failed to deliver is a valid reason as of why a girl child has not earned the right to live on this planet. Is it your sex that gives you the right to live? Save girl child campaigns: Awareness and knowledge are the keys to delivering what we think to others. Many NGO and other groups have started functional initiatives of reaching the masses and enlightening them about the need to love and protect the girl child. They have also provided married women support to stand against social pressure and raise their girl child. This has also helped them in strengthening the government response mechanism, thus facilitating the implementation of the PCPNDT act easily in these areas.

The contribution of Young Leaders & Youth Leadership in the Success Path of India

India is going through a time when radical changes are taking place within the country. This is the time when the nation is passing a phase of social and economic turmoil to become one of the super powers of the world. It is the time when India is graduating from a developing nation to a developed one. In this aspect, much contribution has come from the youth of the modern generation. The young generation of today is way ahead when compared to that of the yesteryears. When seen on a comparative basis, today’s generation has a much better sense of direction than what used to be prevalent a few decades back. Indian youth today are focussed and absolutely sure about what they want to achieve. 1. United Youth of modern generation India is a country, which has always boasted the sheer vastness of its size and variety – be it on the basis of topography or on the culture. While on one hand, it had many advantages, some drawbacks had also crept in due to these reasons. Whatever might be the

Only Indian Youth Can Make India Proud

What is it that can take a country out from years of sufferance, inequality, gender biasness and several other forms of social misery? What is it that will unite a huge country like India, which is teeming with people from a plethora of cultures, religious, social and economic backgrounds? What will it take to relieve the country from age-old blind faith, superstitions? What is it that will save the nation from going to the dogs and establish it among the best in the world? The common answer to all such questions is the youth. The young generation of the country holds the key towards success. It is the youth, which can unite the vast country as one and rise up to the occasion to cure the nation of all its evils that have crept up. 1. Partaking of Youth Few people may ask the question as to why the youth are so much relied upon for a change in the societal background. To answer this question, let us delve into the minds of the current youth generation. Today’s Generation X is a h

The Insurgence of Sports and Youth in India

Cricket had received some intense popularity, promotion and hype in India for decades. For years, this was the only sport, which was followed, practised and even worshipped to some extent in the country. So much so, that cricketers were seen as demigods and a huge fan following had emerged pan-India. However, there has been a major change in that aspect and this has been made possible by the multifarious youth of the nation. Today, a number of other sports are being highlighted within the country. The youth of India has started participating in a number of other sports, shifting the focus of the nation from cricket only. This fact has been well-backed by the central government as more sports are being patronised. 1. Promotion of Other Sports The question that might be raised that why had cricket enjoyed the position of almost a religion in a country, where it is not even a national sport? Why is that other games, which have been practised and played in India for ages were almost igno

The Contribution of TheYouth in Politics

The biggest paradox till today’s era was that India, being a democracy with a majority of voters below the age of 40, elects a bunch of people who are above the age of 60 to power. Is it like mandatory to post the senior citizen on a position of power? We definitely understand the need and requirement to judiciously run a country. However, isn’t there the need of instilling young blood in the veins of the nation? The right combination of maturity, experience and youth should be given the right to manage he affairs of the country rather than people who have entered the third or sometime, even the fourth stages of their lives. However, modern India has changed and moved ahead several notches. Today’s generation have surged ahead when it comes to taking responsibilities. 1. Bringing Fresh Blood to the Political Scenario The country has seen the insurgence of a bunch of young leaders, who emanate that energy, determination, intellect and diligence, which is characteristic to the youth.