Save The Girl Child

Women empowerment has hit the headlines a million times now. What happens around does not seem to be at par with what the country has been expecting out of these news articles. The birth of a girl child is still considered as a misfortune and people seek to cold-blooded murder of these infants. What the world has failed to deliver is a valid reason as of why a girl child has not earned the right to live on this planet. Is it your sex that gives you the right to live?

Save girl child campaigns:

Awareness and knowledge are the keys to delivering what we think to others. Many NGO and other groups have started functional initiatives of reaching the masses and enlightening them about the need to love and protect the girl child. They have also provided married women support to stand against social pressure and raise their girl child. This has also helped them in strengthening the government response mechanism, thus facilitating the implementation of the PCPNDT act easily in these areas. Improving social consciousness among the masses about the effects of detaining a girl of her rights to live is important.

Abolishing dowry system:

Parents fear the unstable future of their girl. Many cases have been reported for years now about physical harassment of women by their in-laws and husband. This simply shows how much our society has changed. Failing to give the promised dowry have pushed women into unimaginable agony that most of them have experienced all their lives. What the society has failed to understand is that the girl is a gift coming home and not a mortgage. Implementing laws in stringently is the only solution to help women strengthen their position in the society.

Be the change you want to see:

People debating about laws and amendments that can save girl’s molestation cases still fill up most columns of our newspapers. When the world depicts the truth of how insecure it is for a girl to live here, saving them during birth may not do much good to them. As educated citizens, we must take up a social responsibility of establishing a secured environment for a girl to walk with freedom and not fear. The thoughts can do what the law cannot do. It is important to inculcate values about equality of human beings in the minds of people.

The world is a place that has offered a chance to live for both men and women. The nation still has families idolizing sons while mourning about daughters. It is important for us to understand that a girl is a boon. The world today has seen many successful women. Standing against such evil crimes in the society from the individual level is the need of the hour. We celebrate our land as our sacred mother land. Celebrate your girl child as you celebrate your motherland.