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5 Reasons why Women should Work after Marriage

Life always tends to get a lot more hectic and busier post marriage, especially for the girls out there. You get to move to an entirely new household with a new family and suddenly, you’re burdened with a huge number of expectations and responsibilities just out of the blue! From carrying the family legacy of customs and rituals to answering nosy aunts about your plans for a child; everything tends to get over whelming all at once. And the blunder everyone tends to commit is to quit the job at hand and sit back at home. In a society where we talk of women empowerment and multitasking women; it is a shocker that women either choose to opt out of working after tying the knot or are forced to take such a decision. why this isn’t a bad thing after all: You get to be the independent one Yes, you don’t need to add as a burden to your new family; and instead, you could be helping out for a change! No more adding to the expenses or asking permission for everything you do. Having a

Importance of women's education in developing countries

“When you educate a man, and you educate an individual. But when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family.” They say the above line over and over, and it is definitely for a reason!  The girl child is often subject to gender based discrimination and biases in a country like India even in the twenty first century. From being killed as a foetus in the womb to being burned at stake for dowry, women in our country have been subject to exploitation at varied levels. Even as the topic of feminism trends on popular social networks, somewhere on the streets a girl gets molested. And, once and for all, the key to end all these social stigmas and issues is education. Education leads to empowerment, and is an answer to all the problems women are subject to in our country. India Youth brings to you a list of 5 reasons why we must send all our girls to school today:  It is their fundamental right Education is a right guaranteed to every individual in India by our constitut

Workplace Issues And Problems That Indian Women Face

The patriarchal society plays its dreadful role in the workplace too. And it is very much evident with the incidents of sexual harassment coming up that attack the basic security of women at workplaces in India Planning on having a baby? Think again! With parenthood comes great responsibilities, but there is more burden if you are a working woman in India. The companies are not obliged to give paid maternal leaves and taking advantage of this, most of the companies do not give the leave. Under the Family Medical Leave Act, the six weeks of maternity leaves are unpaid which in turn is responsible for creating a major financial burden on the family which is going to bear another addition to the family. Most of the times women end up succumbing to the pressure and leave their jobs permanently as with no support from the companies, it becomes very difficult to juggle between a child and the work. Sexual harassment at the work place It is problem at work place that is

Importance of Electoral Participation of Women

India is the largest democracy with the longest constitution in the world. Needless to say women form half of this population and it would make complete sense if women are given the reasonable representation.  These are the few highlighted points which show that electoral representation of women in India can contribute to the progress of this nation. Number do the Talking- The global electoral representation of women stands at 20 percent, whereas, the Indian representation lags far behind to stand at 11 percent. The numbers certainly do not go with the notion of a democratic country where representation forms the base of any decision. Lok Sabha’s equilibrium- There have been various bills taken up for the representation of women in the electoral politics in India , and sometimes they have garnered results. It shows that country is ready for the change and thus it should be welcomed. With proper representation, we not only will uplift the status of women but also make sure th