Workplace Issues And Problems That Indian Women Face

The patriarchal society plays its dreadful role in the workplace too. And it is very much evident with the incidents of sexual harassment coming up that attack the basic security of women at workplaces in India

Planning on having a baby? Think again!

With parenthood comes great responsibilities, but there is more burden if you are a working woman in India. The companies are not obliged to give paid maternal leaves and taking advantage of this, most of the companies do not give the leave. Under the Family Medical Leave Act, the six weeks of maternity leaves are unpaid which in turn is responsible for creating a major financial burden on the family which is going to bear another addition to the family. Most of the times women end up succumbing to the pressure and leave their jobs permanently as with no support from the companies, it becomes very difficult to juggle between a child and the work.

Sexual harassment at the work place

It is problem at work place that is sometimes ignored by the management to save the reputation of the company. This makes the problem graver as the victims often have to accept the decision of the management to save their jobs. The corporate bureaucracy also plays an important role here as the most of the times the victims are unable to come up with definite proofs of the crime. The indirect and subtle ways, which include staring, stalking and eve teasing have to ignored by the victims in order to survive at the work place. Some of acts which are faced by women at the work place are- Deliberate physical contact, asking sexual favours, gender based remarks and even pornography.

Lack of family support

The money earned by women is still considered to the lipstick money in most parts of the country. And because of this it can never be accepted as the primary source of income in the families. With such a mentality, women in India do not get the required family support and end up doing both domestic and professional work all by themselves. The burden of two aspects takes a toll on the efficiency of their work and in turn harms their professional position.  

Unequal pay

From Bollywood movies to managerial roles, there have been spate of debates on the fact that the women need to paid equally as men. But most of the efforts are in vain as the gap of income is yet to be bridged. Many companies are open about the unequal pay and the problem is there is nobody to challenge these long formed customs in the country. The patriarchy is favouring men in the most direct way possible and the misfortune stands strong as the top positions are male dominant too. This way it becomes very difficult to bring the required change.   

Article by Punita