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What is the mindset of today's youth?

A country's young population is considered to be the future of the country. They are believed to be the ones who will take forward the legacy of the nation in the coming years. The young blood is the driving force of the nation. Their passion, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas are the qualities which will fetch the nation unprecedented progress in the near future, when the youth will take part in the functioning activities of the nation. But before all this happens, it is essential that the youth is interested in the country. For a youth to be motivated to work for the progress of the nation, he should first have faith in his country. Knowing the mindset A high population of youth for a country is considered as a greatest asset for the country. India is one of the countries which have the highest number of youth population. Before we think that our youth is an asset, we should try and understand what is the current generalized mind frame of the youth. Do they bother about India? Is

Education promises Youth empowerment

Education is the ultimate key to progress and development. Our country is still lagging behind many other small countries because we have not yet realized how important it is to have an educated crowd in the country. Many still are arguing over the fact that education is a birth right, it is also important to note that it is this education that is going to empower so many thousands of the youth in the country. 1. The linguistic education: In our country it is very important for every single citizen to have knowledge of many languages to survive the differences when seeking opportunities beyond physical boundaries. As the youth of the country, they must have command over multiple languages so as to help and guide the country at the path of success in the future. Restricting them within the walls of their rooms means wasting the potential they have within them. Encouraging them to move out and mingle with other cultures, can help them grow up with an open mind and ultimat