Education promises Youth empowerment

Education is the ultimate key to progress and development. Our country is still lagging behind many other small countries because we have not yet realized how important it is to have an educated crowd in the country. Many still are arguing over the fact that education is a birth right, it is also important to note that it is this education that is going to empower so many thousands of the youth in the country.

1. The linguistic education:

In our country it is very important for every single citizen to have knowledge of many languages to survive the differences when seeking opportunities beyond physical boundaries. As the youth of the country, they must have command over multiple languages so as to help and guide the country at the path of success in the future. Restricting them within the walls of their rooms means wasting the potential they have within them. Encouraging them to move out and mingle with other cultures, can help them grow up with an open mind and ultimately lead India into being a land of cultural diversity with harmony in the future too.

2. Throwing reservation systems:

Establishing the “Right to Education Act” uproots the very basic need for reservation system. While the idea of reservation started during the period of early independence, today the country has transformed into a different society. Such reservations have now become the reason why many have neglected their opportunity that is leading to wastage of the youth potential. Educating everyone will help them have an upper hand just as any other and can become a reason as of why the country will march to progress. This will be a step to bring out all the youngters who are denied their right to education to have an opportunity to succeed.

3. Opportunities over luxuries:

What the country has failed to realize with the course of time is that youth’s Right to Education was based on their rights to get the knowledge and not to get the luxuries. While debates are in process about bringing uniform education, the fact that the government has not analyzed the real issue looks unpleasing. Considering the exposure that education will give the youth, with a mature thought process, one can choose their interest and develop themselves over it. This is why education is important for giving the youth the right path to proceed on.

Education provides the mankind the power to transform any human difficulties into success. While looking at growth indicators, education takes the top seat which clearly gives the need why educating the youth must be a priority for countries looking for progress. While the youth of the country are being looked up at for a promising future, it is necessary to ensure they have their rights too.