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Book Review – I See You

'I See You' is a promising debut by Aindrila Roy, the latest among an emerging group of Indian authors willing to take risks and change the way that Indian literature is perceived with. For those fed up with the tried and tested everyday stories by Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta, you'd do well to check out this new breed of Indian writers emerging from the shadows. They have a purpose. They have a unique voice. They believe they have a duty to change the perception of Indian writers, and they will be witnessed.   I See You is a rollicking ride through the life of Liam and the horrors that plague him on his road to perdition. It is an engaging tale weaving together the threads of everyday life with the subtle horrors of emotional trauma and mental manipulation, coupled with the greater horrors of the true supernatural. The everyday casualness of Liam’s life and the sudden turn it takes, and how little time it can take for a person’s carefully constructed world to co

Will Uniform Civil Code bring communal harmony ?

1956 notched some landmark legislations which brought about modernization with the means of Hindu religious code like allowance of divorce, equal inheritance, alimony and adoption. Though the composition of constitution in 19th century was influenced by various terrible laws based on vague interpretations and poor conceptions, the reform of Hindu Code by Pandit Nehru was considered a massive step. Obviously Nehru’s perception of the laws of other religions (considerably anti-women) soon catching up with the present reforms failed him terribly as India was too distraught with major wars and intrinsic disturbances in the 60s and 70s. Thus, Muslim women had (still have to) to put up with polygamy, unilateral divorce and restricted access to alimony or inheritance. However in the 1980s, the landmark Mohd. Ahmed Khan v.Shah Bano Begumcase culminated the absence of modern civil laws for Muslim women. Since then the uniform civil code has come to be a national issue. The term Uniform Ci

Tech innovations by Indian Youth that will change your life forever

Age is just a number to the talented people in the world. Innovation is an art; excelled with presence of pure common sense and a dash of focus and dedication. It is absolutely amazing how young minds today are posing simple, yet realistic solutions to day-to-problems with great panache. Today, Indian Youth brings to you a list of five such out of the box ideas by youngsters that can change our lives forever! 1.    Spray on Gloves and Socks Conceptualized by a class 8 student, Aditya Joshi from Pune, Maharashtra, the concept is to use a specially treated solution in a spray can that could be easily sprayed or one’s hand or feet to get a personalized pair of gloves or socks that could be peeled off postusage. It is supposed to solve the curious case of lost socks and would also be helpful to workers and farmers exposed to chemicals or harsh weather conditions. The spray; an innovative approach in itself, is also waterproof and seals by itself leaving nothing exposed to the out

Top 5 College Fests in India

College life is perhaps the most eventful period in anybody’s life and the annual fests undoubtedly happen to be the highlight of all the fun and frolic of college life. With complete strangers becoming best of friends to running into an old buddy and re-bonding over flashy dance numbers; fests are all about building human relationships. The college festivals also provide a platform for every skill and events ranging from dance to sports to acting and speaking all make their way into your life. It is during these college festivals that most students realize their one special skill and it provides the best of opportunities to the late bloomers or the nerdy introverts to lay a claim to their moment of glory. College fests are about endless smiles and candid moments; all bonded in a thread of nostalgic memories. Today, Indian Youth brings to you a list of 6 college fests in India you cannot simply afford to miss: 1.    SpringFest, IIT Khargapur There is nothing like an even