Tech innovations by Indian Youth that will change your life forever

Age is just a number to the talented people in the world. Innovation is an art; excelled with presence of pure common sense and a dash of focus and dedication. It is absolutely amazing how young minds today are posing simple, yet realistic solutions to day-to-problems with great panache.

Today, Indian Youth brings to you a list of five such out of the box ideas by youngsters that can change our lives forever!

1.    Spray on Gloves and Socks

Conceptualized by a class 8 student, Aditya Joshi from Pune, Maharashtra, the concept is to use a specially treated solution in a spray can that could be easily sprayed or one’s hand or feet to get a
personalized pair of gloves or socks that could be peeled off postusage. It is supposed to solve the curious case of lost socks and would also be helpful to workers and farmers exposed to chemicals or harsh weather conditions. The spray; an innovative approach in itself, is also waterproof and seals by itself leaving nothing exposed to the
outer environment.

2.    Renew It

A startup by IIM Alumnus Mukund, this innovative startup buys computer scraps and electronic wastes and processes them into working computer models. They take the waste and put together computers which are then made available to the rural population as a very nominal price. With
the dream of a Digital India in every Indian’s mind, this innovative approach by Mukund is sure to take India a long way into its journey of digitalization.

3.    Global 3D Labs

One of the early bird entries of India into the 3D printing market, Global 3d labs combine locally sourced and assembled parts to manufacture 3d printers apart from selling and servicing them. The
company, under the banner of PRAMAAN; has currently 4 types of printers up for sale- PramaanV2, PramaanV3, Pramaan mini and ChocoBot. These printers are in huge demand both among industries and self-enthusiasts.

4.    Plugzee

A real life saver, this innovative idea from college students of PCCE, Goa uses Plugzee, a tiny plug in device to convert any audio player into a high resolution Bluetooth speaker. This device streams music wirelessly over Bluetooth via any connected smartphone or device having song storage.

5.    SERVe, (Solar Electric Road Vehicle) a solar car

Built by students of Solar Mobile Manipal Team; this car is a perfect gift to the advocates of sustainable technology. Sustainability is to provide a long term solution to a given problem and with this solar car; they have managed to grab a “green” solution to address our traffic woes. A prototype boasting of minimal design and a maximum speed of sixty kilometers per hour; the prospect of this solar car looks promising enough!

Amazed by these innovations? There are plenty more. India has the largest share of young people in the world and it is not a matter of amazement that such kind of ideas emerges from the young minds of this very country. Given the right guidance, the youth can actually turn the tables in our favor and hold the potential to become the best country in the entire world