Top 5 College Fests in India

College life is perhaps the most eventful period in anybody’s life and the annual fests undoubtedly happen to be the highlight of all the fun and frolic of college life. With complete strangers becoming best of friends to running into an old buddy and re-bonding over flashy dance numbers; fests are all about building human relationships. The college festivals also provide a platform for every skill and events ranging from dance to sports to acting and speaking all make their way into your life. It is during these college festivals that most students realize their one special skill and it provides the best of opportunities to the late bloomers or the nerdy introverts to lay a claim to their moment of glory. College fests are about endless smiles and candid moments; all bonded in a thread of nostalgic memories.

Today, Indian Youth brings to you a list of 6 college fests in India you cannot simply afford to miss:

1.    SpringFest, IIT Khargapur

There is nothing like an evening by the lakeside in the twenty thousand odd acres of the Kharagpur campus; with every single person around you giving in to the infectious energy. The four day long fest is famous for its star studded concerts (with likes of Shukhdev Singh, Farhan Akhtar and Euphoria performing)and endless dancing sprees; but SF has a lot more to offer. From the formal events organised for the serious contenders to random informal fun stuff; the campus is alive
all throughout the four days and most people prefer pull all-nighters; singing and dancing by a bonfire with their new found friends and old allies alike.

2.    Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay

The largest fest of its kind in whole of Asia; Mood Indigo or MI is famous as the most entertaining of college fests in India. The concert nights, with performances from likes of mohit Chauhan and Shankar Ehsan Loy are a favourite with the students. Mood Indigo has a food fest to its credit that makes it all more fun for every student out there.

3.    Rendezvous, IIT Delhi

Delhi is a city of an undying spirit and a college fest in the city has to be as awesome. Rendezvous lives up to the reputation and is indeed one crazy fun filled journey of music, dance and cultural
events. From celebrities thronging the campus to creative geniuses of students mesmerising people with their performances and creations, Rendezvous is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss.

4.    ALCHERINGA, IIT Guwahati

It has to be one of the wackiest musical extravaganzas in entire country. Famous for its musical performances and crowd of thousands coming together to tap their foot to the infectious tunes, Alcheringa is in its 20th edition this year. Apart from all the glitz and glamour; Alcheringa also serves as a platform for the young minds to voice their concern about raging issues plaguing our society through all India workshops.

5.    Malhar, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

There isn’t a single college goer in whole of Mumbai who plans to give Malhar, the annual cultural extravaganza of St. Xavier’s College a miss. The event is one grand amalgam of ideologies and talent; all coming together under one banner. Eminent speakers like Shashi Tharoor and RaghuRam Rajan have been a part of the proceedings in recent past. The students also take up beach cleaning initiatives during the festival too.

This list isn’t entirely comprehensive, and if you have a better experience at any other college fest, don’t hesitate to let us know! Do try and visit at least one of these college fests and share your experience with us. Hope you all have a great time.