What is the mindset of today's youth?

A country's young population is considered to be the future of the country. They are believed to be the ones who will take forward the legacy of the nation in the coming years. The young blood is the driving force of the nation. Their passion, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas are the qualities which will fetch the nation unprecedented progress in the near future, when the youth will take part in the functioning activities of the nation. But before all this happens, it is essential that the youth is interested in the country. For a youth to be motivated to work for the progress of the nation, he should first have faith in his country.

Knowing the mindset

A high population of youth for a country is considered as a greatest asset for the country. India is one of the countries which have the highest number of youth population. Before we think that our youth is an asset, we should try and understand what is the current generalized mind frame of the youth. Do they bother about India? Is the patriotic spirit yet alive? Or are they ready to work and contribute to the nation's development? When these questions are clear, we come to know what exactly young India wants and where is our nation headed. As far as we know, the young generation mindset indicates that the national spirit is still alive, but the youth has certainly lost faith in the governance of the nation.

What has led to such a mindset

Many still hope for a change. While others think that the corrupted system of our nation will never set for improvement. This is because the picture of the governance of our country has been portrayed as a corrupt and unjust system. So, the youth doesn't wish to participate in the various activities like politics because it seems to be reserved by people who are well versed with it and mostly all corrupted. Seeing this, youth wishes to settle abroad and work there. This is because the life there seems to be more systematic and appealing. So, the cause of such a mindset of the youth is loss of faith in the system due to extreme corruption and lack of proper opportunities.

Taking a step towards change

We cannot change the mindset of the youth overnight. Though it is a fact that all do not dislike India, but most are against the system. If the system becomes transparent and there are opportunities available in the nation then we can stop our talent to be migrated abroad. So the youth expects a massive change.

Bring about a change in the system and make the generation realize the scope and a good future in his own country. The change in mind frame this way will be extremely beneficial for the country's future.