5 Reasons why Women should Work after Marriage

Life always tends to get a lot more hectic and busier post marriage, especially for the girls out there. You get to move to an entirely new household with a new family and suddenly, you’re burdened with a huge number of expectations and responsibilities just out of the blue! From carrying the family legacy of customs and rituals to answering nosy aunts about your plans for a child; everything tends to get over whelming all at once.

And the blunder everyone tends to commit is to quit the job at hand and sit back at home. In a society where we talk of women empowerment and multitasking women; it is a shocker that women either choose to opt out of working after tying the knot or are forced to take such a decision.
why this isn’t a bad thing after all:

You get to be the independent one

Yes, you don’t need to add as a burden to your new family; and instead, you could be helping out for a change! No more adding to the expenses or asking permission for everything you do. Having a job
after marriage keeps you emotionally secure and you will have the freedom to take your decisions. Following your duties should definitely be on your cards, but you can wave goodbye to any scopes of
a helpless and dependent version of you in near future.

You keep having new experiences

Getting married doesn’t mean you cease to learn things from life. Having a job to look forward to every morning can add to new experiences you have in your life. Post marriage, with your family duties multiplying, juggling everything is an exciting option. And after the excitement tones down and your kids are all grown up, you wouldn’t be bored as much because you will always have a new day at work to learn and experience something out of the box!

You can support your family financially
In a world where prices of material goods and services are skyrocketing faster than ever, it is always helpful to have an extra income to help your family fare better. From your children’s education
to that luxury car your husband always dreamt of driving, you can always have something better to choose from if you have a job to support your family financially.

You get the best of both worlds

Yes, the best of office and home – two worlds at once! You get to be the workaholic career oriented woman admired by everyone in the office and also the caring and understanding mother your teenage daughter confides into every night. It is a feeling you shouldn’t miss on, simply because someone told you that it isn’t possible.

You will set the example for other women
And that is some great motivation, isn’t it? Work, overwork, multi task and show others how it is done. A working woman with a well-kept family undoubtedly sets an example worth following! It is like a shout out to every single person who once told you it is a wrong decision and choosing to work after marriage and doing so with panache will be your answer to their useless advice.
So girls, what are you thinking about? Maybe one day you’ll be married to your prince charming; but don’t let that marriage define your entire existence. Build your own fairy tale, and be the heroine of the story of your life. Choose to work after marriage and work your heart out to prove to the world out there that nothing can restrict you from being the best version of you! Let a marriage be your strength, not a weakness.

 Article by Debjani Chakraborty