Importance of women's education in developing countries

“When you educate a man, and you educate an individual. But when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family.”

They say the above line over and over, and it is definitely for a reason!  The girl child is often subject to gender based discrimination and biases in a country like India even in the twenty first century. From being killed as a foetus in the womb to being burned at stake for dowry, women in our country have been subject to exploitation at varied levels. Even as the topic of feminism trends on popular social networks, somewhere on the streets a girl gets molested.

And, once and for all, the key to end all these social stigmas and issues is education. Education leads to empowerment, and is an answer to all the problems women are subject to in our country. India Youth brings to you a list of 5 reasons why we must send all our girls to school today:

 It is their fundamental right

Education is a right guaranteed to every individual in India by our constitution irrespective or caste, creed, religion or gender. So, basically when we stop the girls from going to school, we deprive an
individual of their basic fundamental right. Girls deserve to go to school and with even our constitution guaranteeing basic education to them; we should help them avail it at any cost. Education is fundamental and pivotal to growth and development, and women should be entitled to it under all circumstances.

Increased social development rate

Women comprise of a complete half of our population. By depriving them the basic education, we restrict ourselves from using our human resources to their utmost potential.  Providing education
opportunities to girls is the key to all round social development in all fields. Education leads to awareness and it is followed by betterment of living standards, all of which sums up to a greater
development rate. 

 Improved maternal health

An educated woman is more likely to be aware of health measures to be taken during her pregnancy to avoid any complications. Proper education ensures awareness about basic medicines and vaccines that should be taken to avoid life threatening infections; hence increasing chances of improved maternal health statistics. Sending girls to school is a warranty to their safe and healthy future. Education is the key to solve health and sanitation related issues because an educated woman will teach the right kind of practices to her children; which are crucial to development of the overall health scenario.

Key to poverty alleviation

Educating girl children is a huge step towards social equality and is the key to a financially and economically stable society. Providing education to girls can uplift the social status and a whole and is a huge step towards the looming issue of poverty. Educating our women can be the magic bet out of the huge challenge of poverty our society is facing by uplifting the face of the entire nation we live in.

Promote gender equality

Absence of gender equality is a major backlog for any society. Men and women are like the two tracks of a railway line and when they don’t run parallel to each other, the situation is bound to wreak havoc all around causing a social imbalance. Giving equal educational opportunities to girls is the ultimate answer to the gender equality issue. Education gives the ultimate liberalization to women which could be our answer to all the gender issues those have been a burden to the entire society ever since eternity.

Sending our girls to schools is the best possible thing we could do for our society and nation. It is crucial for everyone around to understand the importance of educating our girl children and its pivotal role in nation building. India has the potential to be the show stopper on the world stage only if we all pledge to help all our girls get to school and complete their education. There is no liberation like education; and our girls deserve it!