The Contribution of TheYouth in Politics

The biggest paradox till today’s era was that India, being a democracy with a majority of voters below the age of 40, elects a bunch of people who are above the age of 60 to power. Is it like mandatory to post the senior citizen on a position of power? We definitely understand the need and requirement to judiciously run a country. However, isn’t there the need of instilling young blood in the veins of the nation? The right combination of maturity, experience and youth should be given the right to manage he affairs of the country rather than people who have entered the third or sometime, even the fourth stages of their lives. However, modern India has changed and moved ahead several notches. Today’s generation have surged ahead when it comes to taking responsibilities.

1. Bringing Fresh Blood to the Political Scenario

The country has seen the insurgence of a bunch of young leaders, who emanate that energy, determination, intellect and diligence, which is characteristic to the youth. It had been long said that the youth of modern India will catalyze the political scenario and it seems that the moment has come. Gandhi, after independence, had requested the youth to come up to the forefront and take up responsible positions. The motive was to give to India, a face that would lead the nation from the front. However, what followed were decades of indifference and disinterest, which resulted in the government affairs being handled by the old and elderly.

2. Responsible Youth Generation

However, things started changing rapidly, somewhat a decade ago, when the so-long disinterested youth, started taking note of the political affairs. The time has gone, when they had almost nothing to say in these issues. Today’s generation are more vociferous than ever in demanding their political rights. A bunch of leaders in the political front has emerged who have united the new generation.

3. Mobilisation of the System

The engagement of fresh blood in electoral and governmental issues have mobilised the entire system. The sense of purpose and willingness to take up responsibilities have increased several manifolds. So much so has been the change that most political parties have dedicated youth wings in their system. These are led by responsible, diligent and courageous leaders, who unite the modern generation under a same cause.

Riding high on the influence of the modern generation, there is a sense of purpose in the minds of people. Several campaigns focussing on important social issues, false myths of the society are being dealt with.Today’s youth are much more capable in taking decisions. Apart from that, they are not afraid to follow what is right. They have gelled as a unit voice under the able leadership of the Indian Youth. They now have an opinion on everything under the sky. In a country, which has such a huge potential, as is shown by India, it will not be long when all issues shall be ironed out. The hope is for a better India, a brighter and united one, and that will be given by the youth leaders of the nation.