Responsibility of the youth towards Agriculture

India is an agrarian economy. An agrarian economy in layman’s terms is an economy in which the majority of the population depend on agriculture for their livelihood. It is not a hidden fact that the families of a majority of youth in India belong to an agricultural background. The youth of today, implicitly have been vested with a responsibility which is to carry forward the legacy of agriculture.

1) Importance

The responsibility of Indian youth in partaking the agricultural activities hold a lot of importance not only because we have our roots in it but also because it has the potential of keeping the economy stable even during the turbulent times. Though cyclone and droughts are a risk which cannot be predicted, we need to fall back upon agriculture as a safety net in the times of industrialization.

2) Advantages and role of government

The agricultural industry in India has witnessed a lot of change in India due to modernization. Methods include sophisticated processes which are essential in enhancing the yield. The capabilities of production are again a key point in terms of economics governing the agricultural yield, investments include the harnessing of sophisticated technology for better yields. The responsibility of our youth today has increased tremendously over the last couple of decades when it comes to push the government at different levels for effect. Also, the government also has the responsibilities to listen to the people who elected them in the first place.

3) Role of the youth today

The demand for the export of agricultural products in the market are towards the greater side. The existing trend ratio in India is not suitable for farmers and most of them have nil or just a basic education and are not trained to encounter daily situations like commodity trading and strategies. The role of the younger generation would be very important here. They could come forward and support the farmers by educating them or by assisting them through government policies which help a farmer by regulating the price of the goods in favor of the hard working farmers. They could also help them in finding new markets, get them exposed on a global platform and deploy strategies which will aid them in expanding.

In order to facilitate this, the youth of today will have to encounter many challenges namely migration. Migrating from an entirely traditional approach to a complex method can come out as tough. An effective solution to this would be to combine some elements from the traditional methods and some from the complex sophisticated methods. We do not have to completely change, but just show a little responsibility towards the road we came from and apply the new found knowledge of the youth for affairs that are highly beneficial to the country’s development.