Only Indian Youth Can Make India Proud

What is it that can take a country out from years of sufferance, inequality, gender biasness and several other forms of social misery? What is it that will unite a huge country like India, which is teeming with people from a plethora of cultures, religious, social and economic backgrounds? What will it take to relieve the country from age-old blind faith, superstitions? What is it that will save the nation from going to the dogs and establish it among the best in the world? The common answer to all such questions is the youth. The young generation of the country holds the key towards success. It is the youth, which can unite the vast country as one and rise up to the occasion to cure the nation of all its evils that have crept up.

1. Partaking of Youth

Few people may ask the question as to why the youth are so much relied upon for a change in the societal background. To answer this question, let us delve into the minds of the current youth generation. Today’s Generation X is a hell lot different from the ones that preceded it. The modern generation is more responsible, diligent and ready to take up any challenges that may come in their path to success. Not only this aspect, the modern generation is not at all afraid to question the age-old myths and the evils of the nation.

2. Involvement and Responsibilities

Modern youths have a lot to say in every possible subject under the sky. They have an opinion on almost everything and more often than not, they opt for the correct path. They have also started taking more responsibilities, which have been seen by the upheaval of youth leaders on every forum of developing society. So much so has been their contribution that most political parties have started maintaining a dedicated youth wing for mobilising their cause.

3. Urge for Knowledge

What is it that is so different between the youth of today’s generation and those of the bygone era? The single most important point of difference might be attributed to the fact that today’s youth are infinitely more inquisitive than what was a few decades back. Previously, the youth believed what they were told and blindly followed the shown path. However, today’s generation has the audacity of questioning almost everything. Apart from that, they do not just follow what they are taught. They make a thorough research, get to see both the sides of things and then they decide the rightness or wrongness of a matter. This has allowed them to be more versatile instead of having pre-conceived notions about sensitive issues.


As a result, the success factor for today’s generation has become more probable and the country is being led by these groups of individuals today. The country has made immense progress in leaps and bounds by the insurgence of the youth in almost every field. The more the youth enters the affairs of the nation, more will be the success stories for the country. India will soon be led by a bunch of young individuals who will lead the nation from the front with an unparalleled zeal and enthusiasm.