The Insurgence of Sports and Youth in India

Cricket had received some intense popularity, promotion and hype in India for decades. For years, this was the only sport, which was followed, practised and even worshipped to some extent in the country. So much so, that cricketers were seen as demigods and a huge fan following had emerged pan-India. However, there has been a major change in that aspect and this has been made possible by the multifarious youth of the nation. Today, a number of other sports are being highlighted within the country. The youth of India has started participating in a number of other sports, shifting the focus of the nation from cricket only. This fact has been well-backed by the central government as more sports are being patronised.

1. Promotion of Other Sports

The question that might be raised that why had cricket enjoyed the position of almost a religion in a country, where it is not even a national sport? Why is that other games, which have been practised and played in India for ages were almost ignored? People who took part in other games were not dealt in a professional way. Sometimes, they could not participate in world championships because of the lack of money.

2. Exposure in a Variety of Sports

However, a lot changed with time by the influence of the young generation of India. Today, several other sports have faced an insurgence and have been radically promoted. The youth of India, no longer follow cricket only, which has benefitted the country, as a whole. It has a presence on the world rankings in a plethora of sports, today. Be it tennis, boxing, badminton, snooker or even indoor games such as chess have Indian names, topping the ranks. The world has started taking note of the country in several sports and games. No only these, the list of sports being followed and practised is ever increasing. On one hand, this has given the country a better visibility on the world map, while on the other, now, it is not just known as a nation that loves cricket.

3. Change of Attitude of the Youth

The biggest contribution in this aspect has come from the youth of the modern generation. The Generation X are ready to take up fresh challenges and their never-back-down attitude has had a huge impact in this field. Today, the young guys are not afraid to tread the lesser taken path. On the contrary, they follow their passions to the core and even if that means going out from the conventional, they are always ready to do so. The many Vijender Singhs, Sania Mirzas, Vishwanathan Anands and Saina Nehwals have risen in the country because of their unwearied determination for decades.

At a time, when cricket was the only game, which showered money, these sportspersons followed their dreams, even during those times, when the going got tough. Finally, these people have become the face of Indian youth when it comes to bracing other games. Today, countless youth have taken up the non-conventional sports, with the belief that they will definitely make the country proud at a world platform tomorrow.