How Tobacco is Killing Our Youth

'Tobacco' today is almost like death in disguise. This substance is being consumed by millions of people around the world. It is not surprising that the tobacco is not only being consumed by adults, but also the future generation, i.e. our youth. Studies reveal that a tobacco addict dies 13 years earlier than a non-tobacco user. If such is a case, then our youth is headed towards danger.


There are nearly 600,000 deaths taking place all around the world because of tobacco. The drug 'nicotine' is highly addictive and causes great harm to the internal parts of the human body system. Well, the use of tobacco is not only by adults, but also by a majority of the youth. According to surveys, when a young person consumes tobacco, it is more likely that the substance will cause more harm to youth's body system rather than adults. This eventually has an adverse effect on the health and progress of the individual as well as the nation's future. The youth is the future of the nation, and the increasing consumption of tobacco is harming the nation's future.


We all are aware that tobacco has caused an extensive amount of damage to the lives of many people. About one million people in India die due to a disease related to tobacco consumption. The harm is not limited. The deaths include a major population of the youth, which directly hinders the nation's progress. Due to a death, it causes disruption of a normal family life, low income and eventually less national income. Also, the production of tobacco accounts to only 17% of the total revenue. So, tobacco is not only disrupting the individual lives but also causing losses to the economy.


Overcoming the widespread effect of tobacco among the youth is not an easy task. But it is not also next to impossible. With proper implementation of plans by the government and also support from the people, we can overcome the troubles of tobacco at a fast pace. The best method which can be implemented is increasing the taxes on tobacco products. This discourages buyers and tobacco consumption can be reduced by 4 to 5 percent. Another effective method is to ban the sale of tobacco where there are youth institutions. Also, various campaigns and education can help in the removal of tobacco consumption.

Seeing that tobacco has caused a huge damage to many lives and also on our economy as a whole, there is an urgent need to take severe and effective steps to eradicate the advent of tobacco from our society. We all need to come together to do this.