Young Indians should buy only Made In India

India is a land of diversity. Not just in culture and religion but also in terms of talent. India is filled with a blend of talents and abilities from different parts of the country. From small scale industries to home manufacturing to handicrafts, India has great ability to produce things in much better manner than most other machine manufacturing sites around the world.

1. Encourage the in-house talents :

Most of the clothing we buy that is branded source raw materials and in many cases partly finished products from India. While these are much cheaper when compared to the prices of branded products, they still do not have a good market within the country. This is the reason why Indian manufacturing industry suffers a lot. Encourage small handmade items and craft pieces manufactured within the country to decorate your household. Also try to buy items which are manufactured by local industries which includes food and beverages. This will encourage overall development of business.

2. Tax exemptions :

When you buy products manufactured in the local area, tax exemptions are the major perks. This will mean that one will have to pay much lesser price when compared to imported products. This will increase the GDP of the country thus improving investments and developments as compared to other countries. Most of the Indian products are considered to be of International standards. Instead of looking for branded articles, look out for good quality materials that are manufactured and sold within the country to cut down on major tax payments. Hence, help your homeland progress.

3. The made in India campaign :

The campaign involves the various reforms that will come into play in order to encourage production within the country. Complicated procedure for business and overlapping laws were one among the important reasons as to why in-house manufacturing did not face tremendous success as expected in spite of having much better potentials. These small changes have thus led us into having a better environment for development of small industries within the country.

Our country in spite of housing multiple talents, is yet in the process of development because we have failed to nurture these small talents all through. The recent campaigns by our Prime minister Narendra Modi have given a boost to various Indian industries. In the years to come what we will reap out of these changes is based on how much support we deliver to such leaps by the government. Let us do the least possible changes to our lifestyle and choices for that can cause a significant change when looked from the perspective of our country.

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