Enterprising Spirit Display the Power of Youth

The word ‘youth’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ together in one sentence tells a lot about the ongoing trend. If we look at the Indian economy, the display of entrepreneurial ability displayed by the youth could aid the growth engine through various models. The advantages to our economy and our country are many. The enterprises showcase a sense of free economy and is unbounded by restrictions. Apart from the advantage to the economy, these enterprises will aim to reduce the burden of unemployment for our youth. The youth upon finding own means of living, stops depending on the government for opportunities.

1.) Benefits to the country

The benefits to a country due to the display of enterprising power of the youth are manifold. The businesses generate a huge amount of taxes for the government. The more number of enterprises means, more taxes for the revenue department. These taxes if used in a proactive manner will contribute to the economy in a great deal and can be put to improve the existing infrastructure of the country. In return to promote such enterprising activities, government can offer subsidies and other incentives to promote the growth of such a trend.

2.) Benefits to the Young Entrepreneurs

Now is the time Indian youth see themselves as private partners to the governments by the use of innovative ideas and concepts to sustain themselves in the business world that are progressive and have higher margins of profits associated with them. Enterprising means working in a whole new environment with greater efficiency, which in most cases will be more exciting in case of a mundane 9 to 5 job. It is a matter of pride for the young blood of our country to be setting up business that offer products and services that are in demand. These youth have also the option of tapping into their talent and commercializing it.

3.) Start –up Culture

The startup culture in India has been on a progressive curve since some time now. Any decent idea can be transformed and commercialized and create a new industry segment. With this, any professional with some basic education and an idea can become an entrepreneur if he wishes to. The current scenario of the Indian corporates is beginning to dot with startups.

The vigour can be exhibited by the youth through the density of entrepreneurial ventures that are started and run successfully by the young Indians. They can proudly call themselves as a part of a great Indian story that talks about growth and development. We should take pride in it that we are a core part of a process that makes India stand out amidst a global economic crisis.